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Product Development Service - it all begins with an idea and teamwork.

Elevating a product from a mere idea to a tangible asset involves a well-orchestrated blend of creativity, technical prowess, and teamwork. At Coast Team Studio, we excel in providing comprehensive product development services that beautifully encapsulate these elements.

Bluetooth table speaker
Bluetooth table speaker on the black background
Bluetooth black table speaker on the black background
Renders: Работы
3d render of the opened power bank
3d render of cable powerbank and wireless charger


The journey of any product begins with a compelling design. Our product design process transcends the borders of creativity and incorporates technical complexities, considerations of usability, production costs, and manufacturability. With extensive experience creating products from scratch, we harness our advanced 3D knowledge to visualize your product early in the development process, giving you a realistic view of your end product.

Our product development service extends beyond design. We conduct thorough market research to decipher consumer needs and demands in the chosen category. Our analysis can help you identify whether your product should encapsulate the best features of your competitors or if it should break boundaries as a unique offering with no analogs.



Factory sourcing is an integral part of our services. Places such as HKTDC, Global Sources, Alibaba, and Taobao form a part of our sourcing landscape. If these names ring a bell, you understand the depth and reach of our sourcing capabilities.

We stand by you throughout the order follow-up process. Our team boasts of professionals with significant experience working with China, having interacted with over 400 factories and thousands of products. We are eager to share our knowledge with you. Navigating the Chinese manufacturing sector is akin to a minefield – and we guide you past potential pitfalls toward successful production.


At Coast Team Studio, we offer an all-encompassing product development service, bridging the gap between ideas and reality. We bring creativity, technical proficiency, and industry knowledge; you bring the idea, and together, we bring your product to life.

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