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We offer our services fully online. We can create 3D models of your product, and make 3D graphics and animation without having the real device in our hands


3D renders

3D renderings allow you to show the product from the best side, always have the same high level of quality, and have high flexibility. Unlike photography, you do not need to have a live device to create images.

3D animation

Great for creating commercials for both simple and technically complex products. Unlike live shooting, you do not depend on weather conditions or the condition of the goods,  you do not need to rent a studio. The choice of environment is much more flexible: the cost of creating an environment in 3D  will be many times lower than the cost of creating a real environment.

Product development

We offer you the development of a new device, both in terms of its design and functionality. We have experience in the production of goods using factories in China. In addition, we can offer sourcing services, order follow-up, and more.

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Robin Horrex, UK

“I have worked on many projects with Coast Team Studios and the results have always been excellent. Hawkridge Distillers has own-brand gin, vodka and now rum brands and we use the renders for our hero shots (for brand consistency) as the detail is always crisp and clean. Alexander is patient, helpful and communicative and delivers when he says he will. They offer excellent value for money compared to similar studios and the quality of their work keeps on getting better. I would highly recommend using them."



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